A Little Info on Pilot Projects

One of the things that comes up is how does a pilot work. Here is a fly by at 50,000 feet of the typical pilot process.

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Three Concrete Use Cases in Retail

So how is this stuff used anyway?

Here are three concrete use cases that will hopefully help you understand where the solutions fit into a retail organization and the value created:

  1. Case 1
  2. Case 2
  3. Case 3

Please share your question and comments for the good of all.

The Importance of Retail Safaris

The Importance of Retail Safaris

This article while a little old hits an important idea spot on. Often a big business with all its executives knows very little about its clients as they are very far removed.

We can help our retail clients understand their clients’ priorities and how to service and sell more by going on retail safaris where we look at how clients are serviced.

Patient Flow Solutions: Put the Patient First and Save Money

Patient Flow Management relates to two themes:

  1. Decision making about the patient in the hospital on how to get them out in health
  2. Reducing patient wait times, especially in ERs, where there are also legal considerations (EMTALA)

Third party validation. Please read.

What you need to know is that ESII’s solution can dramactically impact the second issue reducing wait times via organization, online appointment taking and patient routing through multiple services (doctor visit, x-ray, check-out, etc).

We saw these needs recently expressed in Canada and have already addressed them with solutions at other hospitals. Got a medical client then give me a call and we can get going on building the solution and value proposition.


Basic sales training

Here is a three-part series hopefully giving you a framework outlining to who we sell, how we position, and where we our solutions help their organizations.
Part 1-Who do we sell to and why

Part 2-The Ladder Pitch

Part 3-Where we fit in the organization and the benefits

Lean Hospital

A no wait (no waiting rooms–recovered for other activities) hospital putting patients at the heart of the service model. Very cool! Using a solution and practices similar to ESIIs this hospital was able to nearly eliminate waiting rooms. Working with a mammoth hospital in Paris, Cochin, we have allowed them to route patients from service to service with no waits and drop costly missed appointments. Watch from 3:25 to 5:25.

Who is a prospect?

Need to figure out the fit of who is a prospect for ESII’s solutions. Here is the starting block!